Remember, Nintendo is a bastard and wont change

I’m pretty good at Mario Kart. I love me a good Mario Kart tournament; racing against real human brains and reactions. Which is why, when Nintendo UK announced a Mario Kart 7 tournament earlier this year, I almost got excited. Old Man Nintendo has hurt me before, he’s hurt all of us. We have to remember what he’s like.

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Spaced Explored Part 1 – A Chat With Simon Pegg

Today, Spaced is an institution. It’s hard to remember a time when the British sitcom, written by and staring Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes which ran for just 14 episodes from 1999 to 2001, was not revered and loved so fervently.
Back in 2002, before its global love had set in, I was lucky enough to chat to Simon Pegg and talk about Spaced. A lot.
It ended up being an in-depth dissection of what Spaced is, an exploration of everything from the creative processes to Marsha’s voice, thanks to Simon’s humbling honesty.
If you really like Spaced (by that I mean you’re fanatically, sexually involved in the show) or you’re just a fan of how Simon Pegg creates, read on.

Warning: This is a largely unedited transcript of the interview. It’s VERY long. Get a cup of tea (or a coffee, if you must).

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The Word Of Geek

See what we did there? Anyway, welcome to the World Of Geek blog. This is where we’ll write down things we couldn’t be bothered to turn into a video. Stick around, why don’t you; enjoy, scroll, comment.

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